BA (Hons) Commercial Dance for Stage & Screen

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BA (Hons) Commercial Dance for Stage and Screen in partnership with ADA (Angels Dance Academy).

This degree is delivered and designed in partnership with internationally renowned, six-time world dance champions Angels Dance Academy (ADA). ADA is a proud Bristol-born dance academy and since its conception in the 1990s, ADA has competed both nationally and internationally, quickly becoming one of the UK's most famous dance academy. Today, ADA presents over 35 competitive teams, including an all male Hip Hop team and their flagship Dark Angels team with its own E4's docu-reality series 'Dark Angels'.

The intensive three-year BA (Hons) degree places practical performance and experimental projects at its core with opportunities to work as an ensemble and individual to create work for both stage and screen. As a Commercial Dance student, you will develop a range of performance skills led by dance lecturers, choreographers and the associate team from Angels Dance Academy. Our team of practising industry professionals will guide you through performance briefs, providing you with intrinsic technique and performer conditioning classes. Throughout the course, you will extend your knowledge of commercial dance styles and practices gaining first-hand experience in preparing and delivering performances, in a range of contexts. You will be encouraged to identify and develop your distinctive performance style and consider your place within the dance industry. Participating in live public performances and recorded screen projects is a vital feature of the course. Each year you will perform in multiple productions across our on-campus Olympus and Studio 22 theatres alongside touring venues and producing content for screen.

BIPA's practical training is supplemented with meaningful academic theory relevant to all areas of dance and performance. You will collaborate with others, follow independent lines of enquiry, and draw on the experiences of industry partners and your lecturers to develop your knowledge and abilities. With a delicate balance of assessments and content you will be supported to embark on a Dissertation or Practical Research Project, develop ideas relating to the context of dance over time, rehearse and perfect individual styles and critically engage in current debates within the industry.

This degree is for individuals who require an intensive training experience to prepare them for the competitive and fierce dance industry. We look for students with prior dance experience who can demonstrate a good level of physical fitness, dance technique and a strong ambition to progress as a dancer and practitioner. BIPA promotes encouragement and experimentation and champions a professional, collaborative and supportive training environment for all.

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Study Modules
Commercial Dance Technique

In this module, students will have the chance to explore techniques and practices relevant to commercial dance that are additional to the dance technique/styles acquired in accompanying modules.

Digital Dance Brief

This module aims to examine the conventions, techniques and styles of commercial dance through research, practical examination and performance examples. Students will be presented with digital dance briefs that replicate examples of professional commercial dance projects.

Commercial Performance Project

This module builds on previous modules by continuing to explore the conventions techniques and styles of commercial dance through research, practical examination and performance of a commercial dance production.

Dance Technique

This module aims to develop your dance technique in appropriate styles to enable you to perform in a variety of musical theatre repertoire. Ballet, jazz and tap will be the core dance styles taught but other styles may be introduced as appropriate.

Advanced Technique

Module description coming soon

Collaborative Performance

Module description coming soon

Performance for Screen

Module description coming soon

Workshop Leadership

This module aims to develop your understanding of how to apply a range of methodologies to your own workshop creation and develop additional resources to support the project aims. You will consider a range of related theory and influential thinkers which will facilitate a deeper understanding of the creative process of workshop design.

Digital Choreography

Module description coming soon

Commercial Production and Performance

In this module you will be able to apply your dance technique to a major performance project. This will take the form of a full-scale production either from established repertoire or a new composition. You will consider the demands and requirements made on a performer by the style, choreography, structure and context of the production.

Professional Practitioner

Upon entering the industry you will find that actors and theatre makers are expected to have a working knowledge of the mechanics of creating, preparing and producing theatre to tour. This module aims to prepare you for the role(s) you may be expected to fill in order to have a successful career as an independent practitioner. As well as choosing appropriate texts, you will be expected to research and choose venues, market to a target audience, fundraise if necessary and liaise with venue contacts to produce and deliver a touring performance.

Practical Research Project/ Dissertation

You will identify an area of practice, a practitioner or an equivalent negotiated aspect for research. This research is intended to be closely relevant to your own area of practice. You will, through negotiation with your dissertation supervisor, identify an appropriate topic of interest and undertake in depth research to produce either: A formal written dissertation of 5,200 words. OR 2. An identified research project that would lead to a practical outcome (e.g. a performance) supported by a critical and evaluative text of 2,600 words. Both pieces will require a research proposal to be submitted in the first semester to help ensure the research design is appropriate and well researched.

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Jack Maurice
Bristol Institute of Performing Arts Artistic Director | Learning Area Manager
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Bachelors Degree
Full-time Duration:
3 Years
Full-time Fee (Per Year):
Part-time Duration:
6 Years
Part-time Fee (Per Year):
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Entry Requirements

The minimum UCAS tariff points from a level 3 qualification, GCSE Maths and English at grade C/4. Entry via a successful audition. On receipt you may be invited for an interview. Mature students over 24 without the relevant qualifications will be required to demonstrate previous experience and evidence of academic ability.

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March 13, 2023
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