Bristol Zoo Gardens Conservation and Education Centre
remains open to students.

You will have private access to the zoo grounds during lectures, to carry out your observations and data collection, but as more animals are moved, this will gradually be carried out at the Wild Place Project. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Course Description

If you have a passion for sport and wish to work in this dynamic sector, our FdA Sports Business Management could be the degree for you. You will study at our University Centre WISE which has some of the best sport facilities in the South West. We have been delivering sport degree courses for over 15 years and are the desired destination for many students who wish to forge a career in sport. The Foundation Degree in Sports Management will provide you the opportunity to immerse yourself within the business world of sport.

Sports development for all

Apart from our state-of-the-art sports facilities, you will have direct access to our Undergraduate Sport Academies, with our elite coaches & athletes. You could be part of our well-structured Academy programme including, training, BUCS competitions, strength and conditioning and sports therapy. Our Sports Management degree places emphasis on both sport and management. We will give you the management skills you will need to enter this industry and you will have the opportunity to network with a range of organisations, such as the Bristol Flyers, whilst studying at University Centre WISE. Our modules have been designed to expose you to sports management providing you with industry relevant experiences.

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Study Modules
Introduction to Sports Management

The aim of this module is to provide you with a knowledge and understanding of the different sectors within the sports and leisure industry and the contexts in which they operate. You will explore how stakeholder, management and commercial awareness are needed and utilised within the sports and leisure industry, and look at local, regional, and national influences. You will then have an opportunity to explore business environments first hand through meaningful placement experience, where operational planning and delivery will be explored and reflected upon.

30% Assignment

70% Portfolio

Understanding Sport, Physical Activity and Health

The aim of this module is to explore the social influences that surround sport, physical and health in relation to individuals and communities. You will use theoretical approaches to investigate how different social groups including gender, race, socioeconomic status and disability affect participation and the different initiatives in place to tackle barriers. This module is a key Level 4 module if you aspire to have a career in the sports management sector. Enhancing your understanding of your local demographic as well as barriers to participation will enable you to devise delivery plans to increase engagement and promote health.

50% Assignment

50% Presentation

Principles of Resource Management

The aim of this module is to provide you with a broad knowledge and understanding of the management of human and non-human resources, including financial and facilities, in the sports and leisure industry. The emphasis of study will be how resource issues and availability influence management decision making in an operational context. This module is a key level 4 module for all students considering a career in sports or leisure management. The main themes are those of people, financial, and site management.

100% Assignment

Marketing & Media

This module aims to explore the purpose and importance of effective marketing and media relations within the sports industry. Historical and social events that have shaped the sporting industry and related media will be considered, allowing you to develop a holistic understanding of marketing and media today.

50% Assignment - 1,125 words or equivalent

50% Assignment - 1,125 words or equivalent

Foundations of the Knowledge: Professional Practice

The Foundations of Knowledge module focuses on three key areas in the development of professional practice in sporting contexts: employability, academic skills and reflective practice. The module enables you to develop your academic skills as-well as enhancing your growth and development as you move through professional environments. You will develop your professional profile through C.V writing, self-analysis and goal setting as well as developing awareness of reflective practice and related theory which will allow you to develop your interpersonal skills and reflect on your development over the year.

50% Individual, Portfolio

50% Individual, Portfolio

The Sports Business

This module will provide an overview of the sports business, with the UK industries as a particular focus, but also looking to sports in other territories and to global events, such as the Olympic Games. You will learn about funding models and how regulatory frameworks enable and limit business activity. Case studies will be offered of media practice as it comments on and positions the business of sport to audiences and you will be asked to conduct your own enquiry into an area of the sports business world that interests you. This enquiry will consider both the historical context for the founding and growth of the business and the ways in which this has been made sense of for audiences, with the resulting tensions and consequences being a particular focus.

100% Assignment

Application of Knowledge: Professional Practice and Research

This module aims to link theory with practice further, developing the knowledge and understanding of research approaches, together with the impact of these on professional practice and application. Exploring an interest area, you will consider academic literature and research to-date, identifying and analysing the current landscape, additionally drawing upon the experiences and practices of industry professionals. Through lectures and independent study, you will explore the underpinning theory and concepts to research from both a natural and social science perspective, with greater consideration for data collection and analysis techniques. This module will result in a proposed direction for research in your chosen area, which may provide the platform for future investigation. Documenting your experiences throughout this module and engaging with an appropriate placement within the sector, you will further establish your credibility as a professional practitioner, with application informed by academic literature, research, continuing professional development (CPD) activities and applied practice.

40% Individual, Assignment

60% Individual, Portfolio

Sport, Society and Ethics

In this module you will critically evaluate key contemporary issues surrounding sport and how it operates. You will look at key legal frameworks, policies and controversies within sport, formulating your own viewpoint and communicating this using different methods. You will look at current ethical considerations within the sporting world, drawing from real life case studies and relevant academic theory. This module will allow you to explore and analyse different viewpoints across a range of thought-provoking questions. You will be supported to debate your own ideologies, justifying your opinions and drawing from real life examples.

50% Assignment

50% Portfolio

Public Relations in Sport

Sports at any level requires collaboration between the sports managers, administrators and technical personal and the sporting professionals, as well as the stakeholders, such as governing bodies and the public. The roles are therefore complex and the conduct of individuals within it may impact the overall success of the organisations and clubs. This module aims to explore the importance of an effective public relationships of sporting professionals and how these public relations can influence consumer behaviour.

50% Presentation

50% Assignment

Applied Resource Planning and Management

The aim of this module is to provide you with the tools to effectively plan and manage human and non-human resources in the sports and leisure industries. Staff training and development, budgeting, forecasting, and operational management will all be explored. Emphasis of study will be how resource availability influences management decision making and planning in an operational context.

50% Assignment

50% Assignment

There are no modules at this level.
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The minimum UCAS tariff entry points from a level 3 qualification, GCSE Maths and English at grade C/4. Once your application has been reviewed, you may be invited for an interview. Mature students over 24 without the relevant qualifications will be required to demonstrate previous experience and evidence of academic ability.

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