BSc (Hons) Applied Sports Conditioning & Exercise - (Level 6 | Top-up)

The Conservation and Education Centre at the former Bristol Zoo Gardens site remains open to students.

You will have private access to the zoo grounds during lectures, to carry out your observations and data collection, but as more animals are moved, this will gradually be carried out at the Bristol Zoo Project. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Our BSc (Hons) Applied Sports Conditioning and Exercise (Level 6) programme offers the perfect opportunity to complete your honours degree in just one year. If you are interested in applied practice and have achieved a relevant Foundation Degree, Higher National Diploma or comparable level 4/5 qualification this programme could offer you an exciting opportunity to progress with your studies.Professionally relevant, the course combines in-depth academic study with meaningful practical application relevant to sports conditioning and exercise. Based on three fundamental components, namely academia, vocational relevance and industry expertise, you will have opportunities to build on your experiential learning through work placement opportunities in a relevant discipline.

The programme supports you to progress into a variety of career pathways including fitness instructor, conditioning coach with professional sports teams, work related to national governing bodies, clubs and academies, research or progression into teaching (via PGCE).With a delicate balance of content and assessment you will be supported to embark on a Dissertation or Action Research Project giving you an opportunity to develop your own specialism within the field.

You will also develop your understanding of reflective practice, contemporary and innovative approaches to training, current debates within the sports industry and different methods of developing training plans for specific populations.During the course, you will develop theoretical knowledge and apply it in practical sessions with clients and professional teams, where possible. It is a highly engaging course which offers a uniquely supportive and challenging learning environment.

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Study Modules
Innovation of Training: Practices and Approaches of the Future

This module enables you to explore innovative approaches to training and practices which encourages you to think creatively, underpinning your ideas with literature, research and professional codes of conduct. You will build your vocational and industry skills through work placement, engaging with opportunities to work closely with professional practitioners, whilst also constructing your own future pathway within the industry. What will make you stand out and carve your future progression as a practitioner?

60% Individual, Portfolio

40% Individual, Presentation

Altogether for Health: Physical Activity and Exercise for Specific Populations

With an increased number of individuals referred too and seeking opportunities to engage in physical activity and healthy practices in order to support their physical and psychological wellbeing, professional practitioners require further specialised knowledge and skills to create safe and effective programmes for a diverse range of individuals and requirements. This module aims to draw upon your acquired skills in sports conditioning, training and exercise, applying these to consider specific populations who require further individualised and bespoke programming based on their current health and exercise status. Engaging with academic research, you will explore a range of circumstances and conditions, which require further consideration to programme planning, consultation and assessment, together with delivery, monitoring and evaluation.

100% Individual, Presentation

Future of Fitness Lead the Way! Sport, Exercise and Health Promotion

How would you view the future of training, exercise and physical activity? In recent years, the leisure and fitness industry has seen dramatic changes in the way individuals access and engage with training, exercise and physical activity. This module will provide a platform for you to be creative and innovative, developing a relevant concept/product, from idea and planning, to implementation and review. You will have the opportunity to engage with wider organisational, management and promotional skills, acquiring feedback from consumers and professionals through a pilot introduction/prototype. What will be your product; how will you develop, market and pilot, obtaining feedback for future development?

100% Individual, Portfolio

The Curious Practitioner: Applied Research

Developing innovative techniques and emerging as a professional practitioner in your field, this module will help you to explore and create practices which follow fundamental principles and codes of conduct, whilst building your understanding of specificity and uniqueness in programme design and delivery. You will develop safe and effective programmes, which will be bespoke to a diverse range of individuals, for example youth, academy athletes, general and specific populations, in which innovation and creativity will be the focus. Throughout the module, you will implement and demonstrate a variety of practices and tools to measure and monitor participant development, effectively analysing results over a period of time, adapting the programmes accordingly. You will additionally develop your delivery skills, with effective engagement and communication across a variety of platforms to deliver individual and group training, fitness and exercise sessions.

100% Dissertation/Major Project

40% Individual, Presentation

The 360 Practitioner: Applied Reflective Practice

This module continues the course theme of practice, theory and employability; affording you the opportunity to engage in a second work-based placement, explore theoretical concepts such as expertise and knowledge, and engage in reflective and critical thinking. Your continued engagement in personal and professional development will support the development of employability skills and help to create a pathway into a range of industries or postgraduate education.

60% Individual, Assignment

40% Individual, Presentation

Course Video
Fiona Ware
Subject Area Lead for Academic Sport / Programme Lead for FdSc and BSc (Hons) Applied Sports Conditioning and Exercise
*This programme is subject to validation and delivery approval by the University of Gloucestershire.
University Centre WISE
Top-up Degree
Full-time Duration:
1 Year
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2 Years
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Entry Requirements

You will required to have achieved a foundation degree or HND in a relevant subject to study this course

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April 20, 2024
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