Welcome to the Department of Zoological Management & Conservation

The Department for Animal Management and Conservation is proud to be an education partner of the Bristol Zoological Society, delivering the BSc (Hons) Zoological Management and Conservation.

Becoming a student with us will provide you with opportunities to engage with current research practitioners based across a variety of subject specialisms, such as Conservation Biology, Animal Behaviour and Environmental Enrichment. Based at our Education & Conservation Centre, within Bristol Zoo Gardens, the innovative and experienced curriculum team have excellent sectoral links, which will support you to become a contemporary and forward-thinking practitioner.

At Bristol Zoo Gardens, you will be presented with a wealth of opportunities to actively engage with events and experiences within the field of zoological management and conservation. You will have the unique opportunity to witness the closure of Bristol Zoo Gardens over a period of time and the development of a brand new Bristol Zoo, at a completely different location

Debbie Berry - Programme Lead

Department Lead
Dr Jo Kear
Director of Higher Education