BA (Hons) Prosthetics, Modelmaking and Digital Design - (Level 6 | Top-up)

The Conservation and Education Centre at the former Bristol Zoo Gardens site remains open to students.

You will have private access to the zoo grounds during lectures, to carry out your observations and data collection, but as more animals are moved, this will gradually be carried out at the Bristol Zoo Project. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The BA (Hons) Prosthetics, Modelmaking and Digital Design is a one-year degree which provides a route to an honours degree for students that have completed our Foundation Degree, or an equivalent Level 5 qualification in a relevant specialist make-up or prosthetics design subject at another institution.

This degree will advance your technical Prosthetics and design experience gained from prior study.  With a focus on entering employment as skilled workshop technicians within Prosthetics and Modelmaking roles for TV, Film, and the Creative Industries, with advanced skills for Prosthetic Design; you will utilise a range of contemporary techniques in projects.  Wider fields of employment could be gained through transferrable skills developed from the course, such as prop, puppet and modelmaking, character and production design.

The focus of this programme is on both traditional and digital visual skills used as blended effects, working within prosthetics, modelmaking and VFX industries. You will also develop the academic and research skills to enable you to keep abreast of new developments and develop your critical thinking through researching your own (negotiated) study.  You will develop a professional portfolio, business plans for your chosen employment pathway, and have the opportunity to display your final project work in a showcase/exhibition.  Please note that you will be expected to have purchased your own kit prior to the commencement of this level 6 course and further details are available on request.

Studying at University Centre WISE

You will have access to fully equipped workshop spaces and make-up studios at our University Centre WISE campus, alongside the Specialist Make-up Design degree students. This area has been specifically designed for degree students and provides professional facilities to work on projects. You may also access other facilities such as digital design studios, 3D workshops and design suites. Our University Centre WISE (UCWISE) campus provides the essential materials, tools and facilities for all modules. However you will be required to purchase a kit of personal tools and equipment to support your studies (costs and specifications will be shared with students before enrolment). You will have the ability to work competently within workshop environments to enhance your practical skills and develop further experience of current and emergent technologies within module projects; through tutor-guided development, individual and collaborative work.  In addition, there will be opportunities for you to engage with industry through work experience, guest speakers, and attendance at industry events.

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Study Modules
Contemporary Professional Practice

This module will encourage you to investigate contemporary practices within specific industry contexts. You will identify an area of industry and investigate current trends, methods and products key to this area. The impact of factors such as changing technologies, funding, organisation, and trends will also be explored. Your research will also relate current professional practice to your own developing practice.

Portfolio 100%

Dissertation/Major Research Project

The aim of this module is that you will identify an area of practice, a practitioner or an equivalent negotiated aspect for research. This research is intended to be closely relevant to your own area of practice and of direct use to you in progressing your own work and ambitions.

Presentation 20%

Dissertation / Major Project 80%

Advanced Skills Project

The focus of this module will be on the development of advanced and specialist skills, and professional standards appropriate to the fields of prosthetics in workshop and on-set roles and practice, with suitable design elements working to a designated brief. You will create your design aim according to set criteria, identifying the discipline of meeting client requirements in your work. You will develop advanced skills through workshops offered in more specialised areas of the industry, building upon techniques such as technical moulding, seaming, art finishing, hair work etc. Emphasis will be placed on developing your skills with professional and ethical awareness, encouraging you to demonstrate personal responsibility and meeting professional codes of conduct as if in professional industry roles. You will work mainly individually but with aspects of collaborative work in a practical setting.

Portfolio 50%

Practical assessment 50%

Final Design Project

This module offers you the opportunity to negotiate your own conceptual project ideas, to develop designs, follow the production pipeline, and create final practical outcomes. You will be supported to produce a portfolio of research, concept design, processes, development and testing, leading to final presented practical outcomes. Project work will utilise skills across prosthetics, modelmaking and digital designs, with an emphasis on the industry practice of a design role with workshop practice.

Portfolio 40%

Practical assessment 60%

Course Video
Ruth Mitchell
Subject Area Lead (Creative Industries) and Programme Lead/Lecturer for Specialist Make-up & Prosthetics
*This programme is subject to validation and delivery approval by the University of Gloucestershire.
University Centre WISE
Top-up Degree
Full-time Duration:
1 Year
Full-time Fee (Per Year):
Part-time Duration:
2 Years
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Entry Requirements

For direct entry onto a Level 6 (Top Up) course, you will need to have achieved a level 5 qualification e.g. HND, Level 5 Diploma or Foundation Degree in a related subject.

Course info last updated:
April 15, 2024
Delivery Format

The delivery format for your degree-level programs is primarily face-to-face and in-person sessions. However, there may be some hybrid sessions offered occasionally, mainly for flexibility purposes, such as tutorials or for larger events like visiting lecturers. Additionally, it's mentioned that all degree programs are well-supported by Virtual Learning Environments, which include Teams or Google Classroom.

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