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Welcome to Stroud School of Art

Stroud School of Art has been a centre for arts education in various forms for over 160 years and has a history of nurturing local artistic talent. The School is on the edge of the Cotswolds immersed in the surrounding cultural landscape of creative industries, galleries and museums which will inspire you throughout your studies.

At the heart of the Stroud School of Art lies a dynamic team who will work hard to support and develop your creative thinking. As practising artists and designers we understand the importance of challenging ideas and taking risks. We place value on research, technical skills and independent development. Student support is delivered through individual tutorials and small seminar sessions with academics and technical specialists. Our courses encourage you to seek out relevant work experience that will inspire your practice and offer an insight into the industry. In addition, organised trips and visiting lecturers will inform and expand your creative practice.

You will be encouraged to display your developing work through a variety of exhibitions, so it will be viewed by many, including industry professionals, who not only join us to celebrate the history of the Art School but also its future.

Kayleigh Reynolds - Head of Stroud School of Art

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