SGS unveils new American Football stadium pitch

SGS Sport’s PRIDE American Football Academy will benefit from a brand new £680,000 pitch from October 2022.

In late 2008, SGS College started Europe’s first American Football Academy. A trailblazing idea has led the way for excellence in Under 19 American Football across Europe for over 15 years.

In that time, SGS has seen many replicates this successful model both here in the UK, as well as overseas in France, Sweden, Austria and now Spain. SGS continue to lead the way with this amazing investment to create the UK’s first American Football only 4G field, with stitched in coloured End-zones and field markings.

The PRIDE has enjoyed the use of SGS Sport’s multi-sport 4G field for the past 6 seasons at the WISE campus. Ground breaking at the time (in that it was a full length 4G field) with the growth in American Football at SGS into Higher Education and the BUCS Premiership, the College has again invested heavily to show their commitment to American Football in the UK.

“With raised bleachers and a turn-style entrance this will give us a true stadium experience on game day”
said Director of American Football Benjamin Herod.
“There are only 2-3 pitches across Europe like ours, the home game experience with elevated filming platforms, music and play by play will make this one of the best places to play in Europe”.

Joanne Priest
Head of HE Student Recruitment and Experience
Article last updated:
October 24, 2022
Article originally published :
September 27, 2022

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